What is AutoEBS?

Sirvisetti AutoEBS is the world’s first Digital Business Automation Platform

for Oracle E-Business Suite

  • Readymade Starter Solutions
  • Microservices Architecture
  • Browser-based Flow Editor
  • Low-code Programming
  • Autonomous Maintenance

What does AutoEBS do?

Automates Everything in and around Oracle E-Business Suite

  • Processes
  • Integrations
  • Documents

Why AutoEBS?

Business Needs

Simpler Processes
  • Document Delivery in Multiple Formats
  • Document Capture from Multiple Sources
Cheaper Integrations
  • Access from Mobile Apps, Big Data Lakes & IoT Devices
  • Accelerated EDI Implementations
  • Streamlined Bank Interfaces
Sleeker Documents
  • Internal Financial Statements and Operational Reports
  • Professionally Formatted External Facing Documents

Technical Needs

Easier Administration
  • Zero Printer Management
  • User Communication with Push Notifications
Faster Development
  • API-led Integrations using Lightweight REST APIs
  • Mapless EDI Translations to JSON/XML
  • Visual Template Design and Development
Better Support
  • Autonomous Maintenance
  • Reduced Support Incidents


AutoEBS Connector

Installed under XXAUTO_TOP

AutoEBS Server

Installed on-premises or in the cloud

Broker / Flow / Publisher / Repo / Portal

AutoEBS Agent

Launched automatically for local printing and push notifications

Features of AutoEBS

01. Outbound Document Delivery

Multiple Formats such as PDF, Excel, HTML

Multiple Channels such as Print, Fax, Email, FTP

06. Readymade Starter Solutions

Automated Inbound and Outbound Processes

Standard REST APIs and EDI Transaction Sets

Internal Financial and Departmental Reports

External Facing Customer and Vendor Documents

05. Document Portal

Workflow tasks to process failed documents

02. Inbound Document Capture

Multiple Sources such as Scanners, Email, Fax

03. Search and Retrieve Documents

All inbound & outbound documents stored in the repository

04. Local Printing of Reports
& Export Report Output

Print request output to a local printer on user PC/MAC

Export output from XML to Excel and other formats

Technical Features

Microservices Architecture
Low-code Programming
Browser-based Flow Editor
Swagger API Explorer
Mapless EDI Translator
Visual Template Designer
Autonomous Maintenance
Cloud/On-premises Deployment


Rapid Implementation

Starter Processes, Integrations and Reports

Boost in Productivity

Automation of Mundane Tasks & Processes

Time Savings

Simplified API Integrations & EDI Translations

Lower Costs

Minimal Maintenance & Administration

Use Cases