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Collaborate . Integrate . Automate

Sirvisetti is a global leader in Business Automation Software and Services.  Sirvisetti’s products & solutions are built with integrated technology that enables deep, dynamic, real-time automation of business communications across application, platform and business boundaries, providing our customers with the ability to quickly adapt to today’s ever-changing business circumstances. Our solutions can help businesses discover new opportunities for automating business processes and realize higher levels of efficiencies and offer the following advantages:

  • Business Process Oriented – we take a business oriented view of your processes looking for automation opportunities
  • Platform Agnostic – our products & solutions work with any packaged or home grown ERP, CRM & Legacy applications
  • Infrastructure Agnostic – whether your IT infrastructure is On-Premise, Private Cloud, Public Cloud or a combination

Sirvisetti’s mission is to deliver software solutions and services that simplify the complexities of creating, managing, and delivering the individualized business communications underlying all high-value transactions with customers, suppliers, partners, and employees. The vision for our products and services comes from our core team’s expertise as global business designers, implementers, and enhancers of application software packages, including ERP and CRM systems. These experiences taught us that packaged systems often do not meet all the operational needs of business users. Thus we have developed specialized technology extensions to address these gaps. Sirvisetti partners with various software and service vendors such as Oracle, Google etc., and our scalable product architecture complements and elegantly extends the functionality of the existing applications to accomplish Business Automation.

We are committed to these fundamental principles:

  • We are driven by solving our customers’ unique business problems. Every Sirvisetti product, service, and implementation has met this goal.
  • Sirvisetti is committed to Open Standards, and the business flexibility and architectural efficiency provided. Our comprehensive solutions are designed and built based on SOA and designed to work in both traditional and SaaS models (On-Premise, Private Cloud, Public Cloud).
  • Our software and services deliver results that offer superior ROI and TCO for our customers.

Our successful focus on maximizing our customer’s return on technology investments has ensured an annual growth rate of over 100% each year since our inception. Sirvisetti Corporation headquarters are located in Princeton, NJ and Sirvisetti Global Services Pvt. Ltd., an Offshore Development Center, in Hyderabad, India.

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