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Document Distribution and Cloud Computing

Cloud computing I would say as, Outsourced, pay-as-you-go, on demand and some where on Internet. For e.g.,  Google, Microsoft, Sales Force Mosso etc,. We can host applications on cloud or make use of the appliction which already been hosted by a third party like gmail, yahoo, wordpress etc,. Also application platforms are offered for the […]

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Cloud Computing and Document Imaging

Cloud computing can be referred as “Style of computing in which dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources are provided as a service over the internet” Cloud Computing incorporates into, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is the delivery of computer infrastructure (typically a platform virtualization environment) as a service. Platform as a service (PaaS) is the […]

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Document Distribution

Document Distribution “Delivering a business documents through specific transmission channels like facismile, email, print  etc ” Simple and General terms can also say it as “Outbound” : The documents send out from the Enterprise/Company/Institutions etc. Eg: –  Faxing a PO/Invoice to a vendor/customers. Emailing a PO/Invoice to a vendor/customers. In Olden times Document distribution used […]

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Document Imaging

General Introduction Imaging is : simply making an electronic version of a piece of paper and storing it on a computer. Generally we use a device called a “scanner” to take a picture of the document and convert it into a format that the computer can use. Imaging has several benefits like: Faster retrieval of […]

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What is Business Automation?

Whenver I make a new business or personal acquaintance and the conversation leads to what I do for a living, this question is almost always asked! What is Business Automation? Isn’t it a thing of the past where automation shifted the world economy from agrarian to industrial in the 19th century and from industrial to […]

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Welcome to the Sirvisetti blog. This is our first post. We will start blogging soon…Please check back for updates.

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