Local Printing
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AutoStream Local Printing

Solution to all your Printing Problems

Enterprises look for a printing solution which is easy to manage by the users and also deliver customized reports. Minimum administrator intervention and cost effective.  Imagine a solution which can provide you with the following:

  1. Zero printer administration.
  2. Print from Oracle Application as easily as from MS Word.
  3. No more wasting of time configuring printers in UNIX and Oracle.
  4. Print from Oracle Apps follows wherever you go (main office, home, and branch office etc).
  5. Print into any type of printer USB, LPT, Network etc.
  6. Enable local & remote printing for Oracle Applications.
  7. Print custom formatted reports from Apps as easily as printing from a desktop application.
  8. Print UTF-8 character sets correctly.
  9. No more wasting of time with “copy & paste” and manually formatting for printing.
  10. Print all documents in all formats like HTML, PDF, PS, and Text and so on.

This solution would be simple, fast and inexpensive to maintain. It would improve user satisfaction, decrease support loads and reduce administrative efforts. Imagine a solution which will automate your business. That solution, “AutoStream Notifier. It eliminates the need to setup multiple printers in Oracle EBS. You can setup a single printer and all users select the same printer while submitting concurrent requests in EBS. It works with scheduled programs as well. Output from the concurrent requests will be printed to the local printer on user’s laptop/desktop.

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