AutoStream Notifier
Collaborate . Integrate . Automate.

A simple and easy solution for remote and local printing.

 AutoStream Notifier is a complete printing automation solution that can capture, transform and deliver professionally formatted   documents. AutoStream gives you the ability to deliver and print a variety of business documents from your Enterprise Application (CRM/Legacy/ERP/Desktop) to both local and remote printers. The solution is capable of integrating into any existing business application and print using any type of printer.

 Enterprise users, who access ERP and other applications over internet/intranet can easily add, modify and configure their local printers and print business documents instantly.


  • Validity of the Oracle Apps user to receive and print using Notifier.
  • Validity of the Oracle Apps session
  • Authenticate the ability for the workstation to print
  • Authenticate each print job and print


  • Spools locally and redirects to the local spooler
  • Prints attachments based on the attachment type
  • Converts PDF to PS for better print control


  •  Automatically gets installed (Win / Linux / Mac OS) on Local desktop upon logging to Oracle Apps.

Notifier ROI  

  • 60% reduction on DBA and Sys Admin’s time fixing and getting printers to work.
  • 40% reduction in the no of printer devices supported.
  • 15% reduction in paper and cartridges costs in wasted printing test pages.
  • 20% Energy savings
  • 90% time savings for Management on the move who don’t have to call their subordinates at the office to email or scanned copies while they travel.

Notifier Features

  • Cost Effective completely cuts down on manual cost and effort on printing, leverages existing investments and increases printing productivity.
  • Accommodates various printer types (USB, LPT, Laser, Dot Matrix, DeskJet, Commercial and Network etc).
  • Cover sheet – Information like the company logo, address, document outlay ,Digital Signature etc could be included in the Cover Sheet and additional information which is to be appended to the document can be mentioned in Comments along with the actual body of the document.
  • Multiple Language Support – offers multi language support and full UTF-8 character set printing support..
  • Maintain Document securityimplements security at multiple levels.
  • Print documents in multiple formats – allows users to print documents in all formats like HTML, PDF, Text, MS excel, GIF, JPEG, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, TIF etc.
  • Requires Zero printer administration in Apps. Install once, print anywhere from Home, Office, Field office, hotel, conference room etc.,. No need to configure printers in UNIX and Oracle.

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