Collaborate . Integrate . Automate.

AppTalk™ Server, a Web Services development and deployment platform, is the heart of Sirvisetti’s simplified, efficient application integration to create document inter-operability. Using AppTalk Server, applications are quickly and cost-effectively integrated and automated, with significant initial and ongoing cost savings.

Based on open internet standards, AppTalk is deployed in weeks versus months, surpassing other Web Services frameworks in features and performance. AutoStream’s inter-operability with the Oracle Apps is powered by AppTalk.

Rapid Benefits

AppTalk quickly allows major advances in operational efficiency; most often developers need not write a single line of code to achieve an outstanding business ROI:

  • Rapid workflow and process automation
  • Rapid elimination of manual and routine steps
  • Rapid and dynamic Application to Application integrations for document flexibility and organizational business agility
  • Rapid EDI Integrations with existing Enterprise applications

Application Integration

Sirvisetti’s AppTalk Server is the best means of integrating Legacy applications, avoiding the high cost of consulting or application replacement. AppTalk allows you to easily incorporate Legacy applications into automation or business agility projects, adding web services interfaces to meet the needs of customers, partners, and suppliers.

By using AppTalk to bridge your existing Legacy environment and other systems, all your past investments are realized and the benefits of document translation, mapping, messaging, and workflow orchestration – virtually without customization – are all made possible.

Examples of Integrations include:

  • Cloud Applications (e.g. Google Sites)
  • Mainframes
  • Warehouse Management Systems
  • Data Warehouses
  • Custom Applications