Connect . Transform . Distribute
Automate Document Distribution & Document Imaging Workflow

Sirvisetti’s AutoStream provides business users with the multi-functionality to meet customer and supplier demands for individualized document content, formats, delivery methods, exchange, and fast changes. In a single system AutoStream delivers end-to-end document lifecycle management that can otherwise require multiple systems and vendors – avoiding high integration and maintenance costs.

The AutoStream software is modular, reliable, and scalable to accommodate small to large businesses, including support for multi-languages, remote printing, and global operations. Applications are found across the enterprise ranging from EDI to barcodes, customized labels, packing slips and reports, records processing, RFID, approvals routings, and much more.

Business Process Automation

AutoStream automates document-based business processes, to speed up transactions, eliminate errors, and reduce operational costs. Portals and desktops allow users to access and interact with all functions of AutoStream, to securely and dynamically approve and route content and documents based on user role and type as well as user-defined business rules. AutoStream simplifies the implementation of customer requirements between IT Operations and Business Operations, achieving your business goals with speed, performance and manageability.   

Real-Time Custom Content

AutoStream dynamically produces content additions, deletions, and enrichment, combining in real-time data, barcodes, and graphics to form the right, precisely tailored document specifically for each customer or supplier need. 

Connectors to Enterprise Applications

AutoStream Server and all AutoStream components are integrated with the Oracle Apps. AutoStream connectors provide access to the original source of content, including 5,000 Oracle documents and reports, and can be integrated with Legacy systems to cost-effectively utilize existing content and data. 

Open Architecture Lowers TCO

By using a service-oriented development model with open standards to protect your investment and leverage limited resources, AutoStream’s core technologies are XML and Web Services. AutoStream’s architecture provides portability, flexibility, re-usabililty, and adaptability and results in less code, less time, and optimal Total Cost of Ownership for our customers. The Sirvisetti architecture accelerates Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and SOBA capabilities, which enable business agility and platform independence. AutoStream is compatible with Oracle’s XML Publisher and its FUSION strategies.  

One Vendor

As a single supplier Sirvisetti produces faster results and is highly responsive, leading to initial and ongoing cost reductions. Our customers have rated our service as excellent. We provide full services, including training, turnkey implementations, maintenance, and global 24 x 7 support is available.