Custom Development
J2EE . LAMP . OpenSource . Grails . Groovy . Google Apps & AppEngine . Alfresco ECM . Liferay Portal . Pentaho BI Suite . Cloud Computing

Sirvisetti offers custom application development services leveraging both open source and commercial technologies.


  • Java / J2EE
    • Grails / Groovy
  • PHP
  • Python

Cloud Computing

  • Google AppEngine

Grails/Groovy Development Services 

  • Assistance with requirements gathering, evaluation, assessment, gap analysis, architecture, design & development of Grails applications for meeting specific business needs
  • Installation, configuration and customization of Grails on various application servers such as Tomcat, Jetty, WebSphere, Oracle OC4J and platforms like Linux, Windows, Cloud etc.
  • Integration of JavaScript and JavaScript libraries such as YUI into web application user interfaces for rich (Web 2.0) business applications
  • Integration of other Enterprise back-office (e.g. ERP/CRM) and front-office (e.g. MS Office) applications with Grails based web applications
  • Migration of existing proprietary, 3rd party and other open source applications to Grails based Rich Internet Applications
  • Monthly/Yearly maintenance support for performance tuning, patching and keeping the system up-to-date with security updates etc.

Grails/Groovy Areas of Expertise

  • Design & development of several complex Web Portals and REST services integrated with multiple back-end SQL and non-SQL data sources (e.g. XML)
  • Development of domain classes, controllers, services and views based on several UI plugins such as Grails UI, Rich UI etc.
  • Integration with ERP/CRM/SCM Systems, Portals (e.g. Liferay Portal) & Content Management Systems (e.g. Alfresco)
  • Generation of WAR files for deployment by environment and maintaining different settings for different environments leveraging the Grails environment support
  • Technologies: Grails, Groovy, GrailsUI, Rich UI, Acegi Security (LDAP), Ajax, YUI, JSON, JNDI Data Sources, REST Services etc.

Grails/Groovy Projects

  • Design & development of Grails based web portals to allow installers, store associates and customer representatives to collaborate on service fulfillment. Acegi LDAP security plugin is used for implementing role based security integrated with Oracle LDAP server. Data is presented using rich YUI widgets such as data tables, tab views leveraging the Grail UI and Rich UI plugins. Order grid was presented as a YUI data table with pagination, sorting and drag-n-drop rearrangement of columns. Also provided buttons to export order data into Excel and PDF formats using the Export plugin.
  • Developed a Customer Portal to allow customers to check on their order status online. Implemented custom security scheme to validate user credentials and allow logged in users to view various PDF documents associated with their orders. When a customer has more than one order, dynamic tabs were implemented (one tab for each order based on the order type) and when the user clicks on a tab, data inside that tab is refreshed using Ajax calls.
  • Built several REST services to query back-end ERP/CRM systems & execute OS commands and return data in JSON and HTML formats to the calling application. Grails services interact with the back-end systems and controllers render data in the desired format.
  • Created a highly scalable document viewer application that retrieves different types (TIFF, XML etc.) of files stored in a back-end content management system (Alfresco), converts them to PDF format on the fly and renders PDF files to the browser. This viewer handles an average of 1 hit every 5 seconds during the normal business hours!