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  • Smart Business
    Automation Solutions

    We provide smart bots and smart process process automation applications.

  • Readymade All-in-One Smart Bot

    Siba is a chatbot/virtual digital assistant ready to work for your business 24/7.

  • Smart Bot Platform

    FlowChat is a Robut Smart Bot Development Framework

  • Smart Process Automation

    AutoStream is a Smart Process Automation System

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We build world class business automation solutions to help organizations take advantage of the latest advancements in Information Technology.


All-in-One Smart Bot that provides a Conversational Interface to your business. Works 24/7 as a Virtual Digital Assistant helping your employees and partners.



A robust and secure Smart Bot Framework built using proven technologies. Developing adaptable smart bots has never been this easy.



A Smart Process Automation System that automates mundane business processes between various Systems of Engagement and Systems of Record.


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Sirvisetti is a global leader in Business Automation Software and Services. Our solutions leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate business processes and enable our customers to adapt quickly to today’s ever-changing business circumstances.

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Chatbot for Sales Teams
Mar 23, 2017

Chatbot for Sales Teams

Siba brings enterprise reports to sales teams in the field.

EDI Process Automation
Mar 23, 2017

EDI Process Automation

An Eyewear Manufacturer automates inbound and outbound EDI processes using AutoStream.

New AutoStream.IO Web Site
Mar 23, 2017

New AutoStream.IO Web Site

A new and improved web site exclusively focused on AutoStream has been launched! You can visit at https://www.autostream.io

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